Residential House Painting

The exteriors and interiors of all homes are painted. However, over a period of time, the painted surface will become dirty with stains. If there are small children in the house, they will scribble or write on the wall. The exterior surface will also have mud, bird, and pest droppings on it. In some cases, the paint will also peel away. So though it is possible to postpone the painting of the house for some months, Residential Painting is one of the most recommended home improvement projects for a homeowner. If you are needing help with your painting project, then give Portland painters a call.

Some of the many benefits of painting a home are discussed below.

Improved appearance

Over a period of time, both the interior and exterior walls of the house will become dirty. The color of the walls will not be uniform, and in some cases, the paint will also peel off. One of the biggest advantages of painting a home is that it will greatly improve the appearance of the home. Usually, for apartment complexes, only the interiors of the home are painted, while for single-family homes, both the exteriors and interiors are painted. Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, will cover all the blemishes in the wall, and make it look new.

Increase in value.

Painting the house, will improve the appearance and curb appeal of the house. This will increase the value of the house, especially if the homeowner wishes to sell it or rent it out. If a house is not painted for a long time, it will be more difficult to find buyers and they may only offer a price that is far below the market price of the house. Also, it is usually difficult to find tenants for a house with peeling paint, so not painting the house can result in a loss of rental income. The paint is a protective coating for the walls, other surfaces, increasing the value of the property.

Protection for the surface

Environmental factors like rain, snow, sunlight can damage the exterior walls of the house, and the paint is the external protective layer for the walls of the house. In a properly painted house, the paint prevents moisture, dirt from penetrating the surface and causing damage. Over a period of time, due to environmental factors, the paint, especially on exteriors will gradually peel away, and the moisture can attack the building structure causing damage. So in these cases, to protect the building structure from the damage it is advisable to paint the home at the earliest. Painting the house can help reduce the requirement for expensive repairs

Change in color, paint type

Many people purchase a pre-owned house, and the walls may be painted a color that the family members do not like. Most people have a favorite color, which may differ from the color of the walls. In other cases, they may want to change the color to make the rooms look bigger. So painting the home, allows them to change the color of the wall. Also, many painting companies are developing paints with new features like anti-bacterial, anti-dust properties. Hence repainting the house, will allow the homeowner, to use the latest paints available.