Portland Ghost Tours

Have you visited Portland? Have you experienced the haunting spots in Portland? If not then, you should visit some specific paranormal sides in Portland and experience some mysterious spots. You will get your goosebumps for sure after visiting these mysterious spots. You need to check out Portland old town ghost tour. There are so many tour operators who offer you these types of mysterious tours. You need to check out these tour details and select one. Halloween season is the prime time to visit these spots. The local guides will take you to that era of Portland where organized crimes, murder, kidnapping, and all could be found in the history of Portland. You can watch the spirits of the past still in the present-day tours.

Here are some haunted spots in Portland where you should visit:

  1. White Eagle Saloon: This place is popular for so many ghosts. You can get so many hosts there including a prostitute named Rose and the unwitting residents who have kidnapped via Shanghai Tunnels. Apart from this very well-known history, there is a notorious spirit named Warrick, a bartender and a cook as well. You can find his photo in the historical photo frames of the bar’s kitchen. He is known for tossing food all across the kitchen.
  2. Lone Fir Cemetry: It is one of the oldest and pioneer graveyards. It was served as the resting place for 25000 souls. It is one of the popular sites for spirit spots. The scary matter may arise at the time of annual Halloween tours. Guests are led with the candlelight. You will get the chance to visit the series of graves. The ghostly hosts recount the unlucky demises of so many people.
  3. Old Town Pizza: It is Portland’s famous and popular haunted spots. The popular ghost Nina was lived in the Merchant Hotel of Old Town. She met there her ultimate end at the bottom of the dark elevator. In the year 1974, Old Town Pizza was replaced by the Merchant Hotel. But after that, Nina’s spirit was refused to go back from there. Many people reported that a woman in a black dress keeps her watch on their tables.
  4. Haunted Pub Crawl: This place attracts so many visitors who are enthusiastic and want to explore the scary sides of Portland. This district is steeped with history and the beautiful 19th-century buildings set the tone of creepiness and scary atmosphere. The experts will deliver scary and nonstop doses of goosebumps to the guests.

The unexpected and ghostly adventures are there in Portland. The visitors will enjoy the haunted affairs in the city. You can enjoy and experience the bizarre tours of scary adventures. The walking tour in Portland will take you through the streets of history. You can go through the oldest section of the city. You can visit some haunted places in Portland. These places will frighten the residents and visitors for so many years. The paranormal activities will give you perfect enjoyment and experience throughout the year. But it is better if you can visit these spooky places at the time of the Halloween season.

The stories:

The interesting stories by the experts will set the perfect environment. You want something more to wonder. The tour guide or haunted tour operators will take you to several haunted locations. As a visitor, you need to keep your faith in the stories and historical background. Only after that, you can enjoy the overwhelming and popular ghostly adventurous stories. You can enjoy and experience the unique stories of haunted adventures. You can enjoy the evening walk through the dark streets. The hunted tours are very much attractive. The stories behind these tours are far more attractive as well.

The guest will get the haunting objects and equipment just like the real TV shows. You will get a spooky atmosphere and the enthusiastic people will enjoy this. So, if you are planning to visit Portland then, you should visit in the Halloween season. It is the best time to visit Portland’s scary spots. You can enjoy the ghost tours at this time. So, you need to be prepared for the scary walk through the haunted streets of Portland and visit a series of the graveyard.