If we start to list which places to visit Portland, Oregon, we will never end, and it is one of the most visited cities in the country due to its great diversity of sites and activities to do during your stay. Many call it the city of roses since it is involved in the protection of our environment and that is why it becomes one of the favorites of many.

Here are the 5 places you must visit when you are in Portland, believe me, that it is worth visiting and knowing, you will enjoy each of these places to the fullest:


This public park has become one of the main attractions of the city, it has a bit of everything, from gardens, art, and monuments, the favorite corner of the locals is the Japanese garden. Another interesting place within Washington Park is the most visited World Forestry Center Discovery Museum. This place is suitable for all ages since its exhibits are related to all the forests located in the Pacific and their respective conservation.

You can also walk one of the many trails that connect with Forest Park, without a doubt this is one of the things you should do when visiting Portland to keep in touch with nature within the big city. One of the most visited trails in the Wildwood Trail, it is approximately 40 km long.


Near the previous place, you will find a peculiar place, if we refer to Pittock Mansion. This French Renaissance-style house was built in 1914 and is one of the city’s National Historic Sites. This mansion was the residence of Henry Pittock and is currently a place that you should not miss when you are in Portland.

To visit the inside of the house you must pay a ticket, but it is worth visiting some of its 40 rooms, library, music room, smoking room, and bedrooms. In addition, it is located on a hill so there you can have beautiful views of Portland.


Another place in Portland is the Lan Su Chinese Garden, this garden is located in the Chinatown neighborhood. This garden has a size of 3,700 m2 and will allow you to escape from the noise of the city.

The garden is inspired by the Suzhou gardens, in the classical style. 90% of the place has native plants from China, there are peculiar and exotic flowers such as orchids, bamboo, and more. Without a doubt, it is a place that is worth visiting where you will find tranquility. Also in this garden, you will find traditional Chinese structures, so you will feel that you are in the Middle East and not in Portland. You can visit the Painted Boat in Misty Rain, a pavilion that simulates a boat, the Flowers Bathing in Spring Rain, this place is very zen in all of Portland.


This square is a place to meet the locals of the city. This place is usually one of the first attractions you visit when you are in the city, and it is also easy to get to it. Since there are train stops that take you to it. If you manage to be on a sunny day you will find the locals playing and sharing and at certain times of the year, public events are held in the amphitheater of the square.

Another thing you must do when visiting Pioneer Courthouse Square is to try the fast food in the city, we assure you that the best time to come here to enjoy good food and the best street atmosphere. Also from here, there are tours to the Pittock Mansion and tours to the International Rose Garden.


This natural park connects to Washington Park and this urban forest is the largest in the United States with a total of more than 2000 hectares, so it is one of the places that you cannot miss when you visit Portland, and it is known for its trails, especially the Wildwood Trail.

This path is approximately 50 km long, but if it seems very long, there are other shorter ones that you can visit, some pass through the main attractions of the city such as the Pittock mansion or the Japanese garden, while others lead you and immerse you in the forest.