Tips on How Use Painting Estimating Software

If you’ve ever thought of doing a paint job and then found out that it is about to have a completely different budget than the estimated one, there are simple ways to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. The most reliable way to avoid it is to prepare a budget estimate. Knowing the right bidding to make for a paint job is the first step for winning clients and ensuring their happiness. You’ll not need to be a seasoned veteran for doing accurate bidding paint jobs. Thus, these tips for painting estimating software can ensure that you’re getting your paint jobs professionally under a fair budget.

Using Comprehensive Painting Template

Bidding on paint jobs with templates helps in considering all possible job aspects. With more details, you’ll also include them on your template and more accurately you’ll bid on the preferred paint job. Also, you can search online for any template available for you, or you can make your own for commercial or residential jobs. These templates must also cover the overall time required and material costs for a single task. Always make sure that you’re considering the overhead costs such as office staff salaries, marketing budgets, and painters insurance.

Accurately Calculate the Required Materials

Among the most vital aspects of knowing about bidding the interior painting -or for that matter exterior – is accurately assessing the material required by the job through the paint estimating software. Make sure you’re planning the estimate through the software and not leaving this to guesswork! A few painters make large quantities of paint go further compared to other painters. How much you’ll be able to get out of a single paint gallon? Also, consider whether you have to prime surfaces and whether the job requires up to one painting coat? Whether you’ll paint the trim? The ceilings? Etc. Running out of paint would mean heading to the store, running out of the previous estimate, and also ultimately wasting your time. No one wants it to go through this hassle! Also, you can add 10 to 12% more for rollers, tape, brushes, and other drop clothes.

Divide the Required Time for Each Task

It is obvious that time is money, and it is vital to accurately estimate the labor and time meant for each paint task when deciding about bidding paint job. The more you’ve specified the estimate, the more clients will be reliable on your expertise and ultimately they’ll be willing to hire you for the job. Consider whether you require multiple painters, for what tasks, and for how much time? Here it’s good to have attention to detail.

Get Right Calculation of the Required Materials

Among the most vital aspects of bidding, painting knows about bidding interior painting – or the exterior. For that matter – accurately assesses the materials required for the job.

When it is about the painting price per gallon, a wide range is there anywhere from $15 to $80 dollars depending on the quality and the brand. However, generally, the cost of paint per gallon also costs roughly around $15 to $50 dollars on average. A veteran contractor with good vendor relations can buy paint for half the price of an owner or a client. For example, when a homeowner buys a painted gallon for $40, an experienced contractor can buy it for around $20. With more experience, you can leverage relationships with vendors for saving money by getting bulk paint discounts.

Collaborating and Streamlining the Paint Estimation Process

Painting contractors nowadays can collaborate with the project management team with other collaborating paint estimators assisting for bidding on any construction project. Unlike the conventional estimation programs or excel, the painting estimation software also leverages the power of the cloud storage feature for allowing team collaboration to review project plans for assigning tasks and making change orders to different team members to keep people on the same page. Also, you can export mark-up plans for sending the customers to approve and review.

Making Linear Measurements

So, we all know that ceilings and walls have been covered, but then there are skirting and cornices. It can be fiddly! Thus, you should also take more time and prospectively need different materials like gloss paints. Thankfully, such variants and lengths are factored in the calculation of many paint estimation software. Here, not only you’re working out the paint you require, but the involved labor as well!

Tracking the Employees time and Pricing the Job

If you’re tired of using expensive receipts, notes, and paper timesheets, painting budget estimator the software helps to collect the earned amount by ensuring all the work hours are logged and all expenses are mentioned in the final invoice.

∙     Make sure to have the records of previous jobs for getting help with accurate pricing of future jobs as well.

∙    Employees should be able to track time for all the jobs

∙    Also download timesheets and upload these to online books

∙    Take pictures of notes and bills, and save these in the CRM

∙    Track expenses and then add these to the invoices as items of custom lines

Ensuring Great Performance to Win Clients

Remain calm and cool in all client interactions through keeping the information about work in the back pocket. Make sure to have automated features on for customer service and you can get more clients by only utilizing a small amount of effort.

All client information must be stored in one place

Add attachments and get signature in client accounts

Show clients the job, quote, payment and invoice history

Send on-the-way texts and reminders for client appointment

Provide the convenience of online booking by using the website

Ensure that you’ve properly done the Fair Estimation

If you’ve ever gotten a work order through a builder for a 300 square meter area to realize that the additional wall is there which was forgotten, you need to make a budget check. The key point to get higher margins and maximize costs is accuracy, so it would be best to not leave this to the builder for ensuring that you’ve done right calculations through the software.

Thus, it’s best to apply all these tips for painting estimating software, as it ensures that you’ve saved more money and are winning bids after outsourcing the next painting estimate. Painting estimation software combines the experience of real estimators with the detail and accuracy of an AI to let you get accurate estimates. Leverage human estimator power with the software and get accurate and detailed painting estimates in the shortest possible time. For more information on Painting Estimating Software click here: