Oregon City in Portland OR

Oregon City Portland OR is located at the end of the Oregon trail near the southern border of the Portland metropolitan area. It is a historic city that prides itself as the first capital of Oregon before it even became an official state. The city also served as the last wagon stop of the legendary Oregon Trail and this continues to fascinate tourists as well as attracting home buyers to consider Oregon City, Portland, OR in purchasing their new home.

Population and Demographics

Oregon City, Portland, OR has a total area of 9.29 square miles (24.06 km2) and a population of 37, 769 according to the 2021 estimates of the U.S. Census Bureau. It has a population density of 3,636 per square mile with a population median age of 37.6.


The city has a livability rating of 78/100 which is higher than the state average of 65/100 and the national average of 67/100. It has an A+ grade in amenities with an attractive century-old downtown that features a plethora of shops and restaurants in all price ranges. For senior citizens and people with disabilities, they can take advantage of the city’s Door to Door Transportation System which is a service that provides rides directly to the Pioneer Center. The center is a multi-purpose community place that has a wide variety of offerings for the city residents. The annual crime statistics of Oregon City is down to -27% which is 20% lower compared to the national average. In terms of climate, the city has an annual BestPlaces Comfort Index score of 7.5/10 which makes it one of the most comfortable places to live in Oregon. It receives an average of 43 inches of rain per year with November as its rainiest month. It also receives an average of 2 inches of snow per year which is 26 inches lower than the national average. There are 143 sunny days per year in Oregon City with July, August, and September as its warmest months.

Homes for Sale

The median home cost in Oregon City is $541,900 with a home appreciation rate that has remained stable at 6.1% for ten years. Purchasing a property in this city is a great investment considering that you can expect a significant rise in the property’s price after a few years. Whether you want to purchase a property for your family to live in or to sell in the future, buying a home in Oregon City is an investment with an absolute return. If you’re drawn to the charming simplicity and custom features of craftsman-style homes, then there are a plethora of options that you can find in the Oregon City real estate market that can satisfy no matter your budget. There are also bungalows offered at a price range of around $400.00. For those who want to live in close proximity to other residents in the community, there are cottage homes that you can check which are also at a price range of around $400.00. Modern homes are available at a price range of around $700.00 and ranch homes prices start at around $400.00. If you prefer to purchase a historic home, then you can purchase a property from around $300.00 to a whopping $2,000.00 price range. Historic homes are known for their stability and strength which means that you can expect a significant return on your investment considering that the property’s value will not depreciate.