Living in Milwaukie Portland OR

Do you want to live in Portland? Are you wondering how you will afford that dream house or apartment on the other side of the Willamette River? Well, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about life in Milwaukie, Oregon. If you are looking for a nice place to settle down and raise your family while still having access to all the perks of living in Portland, look no further than here. Here is why Milwaukie Portland Oregon is a great option.
1) One word: Jobs.
One of my biggest concerns when moving from one city to another is finding a job that can keep you afloat until you find an even better job. It can be stressful moving to a new city when you know that your income will change significantly. Milwaukie has plenty of jobs in almost all industries, especially in the healthcare industry. Finding a job is easy with Emanuel Hospital just across the bridge in Portland and multiple other hospitals close by.
2) Education for your children
Another thing that was high on top of the list when looking at different places is education options for your children. When you found out about how highly ranked Milwaukie High School is, you knew it would be a great place for you to raise family one day if you wanted them to go there as well. The school offers many AP courses, which are known for being college-level courses. They also offer Fine Arts programs to give children other options if they are not interested in AP classes.
3) An affordable living space
The other two reasons mentioned so far are about what’s great down the road, but what about what you can get right now? Honestly, housing is extremely affordable here compared to other places in Portland. The average home price around Milwaukie is $258,000, much less than places like Lake Oswego or West Linn, where homes usually start at half a million dollars. Plus, many homes for sale are fixer-uppers which means you can save even more money by making upgrades yourself! This means that maybe you could make this happen sooner rather than later.
4) Milwaukie has a small-town feel but is still close to Portland
Milwaukie may be a suburb of Portland, but it still offers the community feeling you get from living in a smaller town. There are tons of events that happen throughout the year at various places around Milwaukie. Pioneer Park is also great for hosting outdoor events and getting to know people around your neighborhood. Many houses have front porches for sitting outside and just enjoying life with neighbors passing by. Plus, there are moments when you forget you live in a suburb because everything is so close. If you feel like going shopping or grabbing some food without having to drive very far down the road, Milwaukie will always be my first choice.
5) The City of Milwaukie
Milwaukie has also been working to improve itself with new businesses and new infrastructure. For example, the city recently installed a state-of-the-art water treatment system at their wastewater treatment plant, saving money and energy for many years to come. You will be very impressed with how much effort is put into making Milwaukie a great place on all fronts, and you will find it attractive.
To live in Milwaukie, Portland, OR is to be surrounded by the beautiful natural beauty of Oregon. Many outdoor activities to enjoy, including hiking and biking on scenic trails that wind through the area. The city also has a thriving arts scene with an array of galleries hosting exhibitions year-round. Residents can find plenty to do without ever leaving town because there’s so much history and culture right at their doorstep.