The exterior of your home is a reflection of the pride you take in your home, the investment you have made to its care, and a part of your very own personality. Exterior paint is not only an expression or reflection of yourself, it is also an important component to keeping your home protected from the elements as years go by.

Why should I paint the exterior of my home?

Homeowners may have several reasons for wanting to paint the exterior of their homes, whether that is to simply change things up, freshen up faded colors, add a protective coating, or to match new construction or repairs.

The consensus among exterior house painters is that you should paint or repaint the exterior of your home every five to ten years. This may also depend on the material of your siding; wood siding should be repainted closer to three to seven years, and stained wood should be refinished every four years.

Exterior paint helps to protect your home from the elements, especially water and snow. The sun, wind, rain, or snow, depending on the climate your home is in, can have very damaging effects on the structure of your home. A protective coat of exterior paint will not only keep your home beautiful but will also provide much-needed protection to help your home outlast the elements.

Hiring exterior house painters

Painting the exterior of a home can be quite a large task, and some homeowners may not be up to doing the work themselves. Fortunately, there are numerous construction companies and contractors that are willing and able to do this kind of work for a fee. Hiring professional painting services not only saves time for homeowners but may also give them peace of mind knowing the work will be done by experts.

Best practices when hiring painters to paint the exterior of your home include a range of items, from budget to reputation, quality, and overall work ethic. When choosing to hire a contractor to paint the exterior of your home, your budget is an important facet of your decision, but should not be the only one. A good contractor or painter will offer you value, not just a low bid.

Your general contractor or painter should provide you upfront with the cost of materials, labor, and any other associated fees that come with the work they will do to your home. Hiring a contractor to paint the exterior of your home is a large investment, and will cost you at least a thousand if not a couple thousand dollars (dependent upon the size of your home) so you should take care to duly research potential contractors, and make sure you are comfortable with them, and trust their workmanship.

Painting preparation

Once you’ve decided to paint the exterior of your house, doing proper prep work will ensure that your project goes smoothly, and your paint looks its best when complete. If you choose to hire a contractor to paint the exterior of your home, they will more than likely do much, if not all, of this prep work for you. Regardless if you are painting the exterior of your home, or if you have hired out the work, this is what proper preparation generally looks like.

Before any paint can touch the surface of your home, you should ensure that all areas that will see paint are properly cleaned. Make sure any dirt, mold, or other debris is clear of the surface that you will paint on. Any areas where previous paint has chipped or peeled should have those peelings or chips removed, then sanded down. Make sure to cover around any landscaping or other materials that you do not wish to get paint on before beginning as well.

Upon choosing a color, it should be tested and seen in a different light before applying to the home.

The Best Exterior Paint Colors for 2020

When choosing exterior paint colors for your home or home project, there are several considerations left to make. What colors are your neighbor’s homes, and will the color you choose contrast, compliment, or conflict with the colors already present in your neighborhood? Another thing to think about is the longevity of the paint color you choose, will this color still look good in five to ten years? Or is it just a trend or fad?

Consumer Report asked experts from the top paint manufacturers in the country on what trends they were seeing in 2020, and found bold grays, neutral blues, and soothing beiges were very popular for the year. These largely neutral colors provided a backdrop for exterior trim and door colors that were bolder, and also committed homeowners to more classic colors that would stand the test of time.