City of Portland Oregon Art Museum

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending several hours at the Portland Art Museum. It is such a fine place to spend several hours at especially if you are such a big art enthusiast. There is a reason why this is one of the most popular museums in not only Portland but in the entire state of Oregon. As a matter of fact, tourists from all over the world would go to this place and check out what it has to offer and they don’t regret it one single bit.

Special Exhibits

There are some exhibits that were made by renowned artists. These are artists who already made a name for themselves while putting over some people who did the dirty work for them. They deserve all the recognition they are getting and you would appreciate right away all the artworks that they did. As a matter of fact, you will recognize the names of these artists. Even those who are not fans of art would know the artists who have some artworks displayed in this section due to how popular they are. There are some exhibits that would depict how life was for the Native Americans. It would be awesome to see how they lived their lives back in the day. After that, you will realize how we have come a long way and how technology has changed the face of the earth as we know it.

Reservations Online

As of now, there are no walk-ins allowed. That is completely fine due to the worldwide pandemic that we are experiencing right now. Hence, it is required to reserve your spot online and you won’t have to pay an extra cent to do it. You will need to wait for the confirmation that will be sent to your email. When that happens, you can just show it to the entrance and it is going to be a great show for you as long as you arrive there a bit early. It would be no surprise when you arrive in the afternoon and the place seems a bit crowded. Now, they are limiting the number of people that go to the place at a time and they are always disinfecting the place in order to cater to even more people. That would be a lot better compared to the place getting shut down as what happened with a lot of other businesses all over the world.

Wonderful Gift Shop

Just when you thought you would put this nice place at the back of your head, you can buy some souvenirs at the gift shop. Yes, you can buy shirts of your favorite artworks so you will remember those things when the time is right. Just when you thought you will only spend a few minutes there, you will find yourself dangling for hours because will want a selfie with a lot of the artworks up for display there. Aside from the gift shop, there is also a restaurant where you can spend time eating. After eating, you can go right back to check out what the exhibit has to offer. There are just so many things to look at which is why a yearly pass is pretty much worth every penny as long as you take full advantage of it.

Keep in mind that there are some exhibits that have certain themes. When you like the theme, then don’t hesitate to go there as there will surely be something for all the art enthusiasts who go there. You will get to see some artworks that you won’t see in other museums. it is amazing how well organized the museum is since they made an effort to put all the similar artworks together. It won’t be long before you would want to pay another visit to this amazing place and take advantage of even more efforts by them to give you the nice artworks that you have been craving for. Yes, it is evident how they add to their wide range of collections all the time. There is nothing wrong with that as it is such a wonderful way to show the whole world what these artists are really capable of. Yes, those who are not that familiar with art would get some true inspiration in this place.